Meet the team

Abe Arnous


Direct Finance was founded in 2016 under the leadership and vision of Abe Arnous. Direct Finance is looking to digitize the mortgage process workflow in order to resolve the fragmentation that is still taking place in the mortgage industry today. Abe has been in the mortgage finance industry for over 16 years and excellence is an understatement. He was able to set new records at a couple of companies he worked with. Very dynamic, result-oriented individual with diverse background in mortgage banking, sales and marketing. Analytical thinker with strategic planning skills, capable of developing innovative approaches to new idea development and issue resolution. Motivating leader with demonstrated history of guiding cross-functional teams. Effective and articulate communicator with ability to establish rapport with people at all levels. Abe holds a bachelor’s degree in management information systems and a master’s in business administration with a concentration in Finance.

Cortney Kleiber

Processing Manager

Cortney began her career in the mortgage industry as a Loan Officer Assistant in High School. After high school, she began to sway more towards the operations side of the industry versus the sales side and found her niche, taking her career from Junior to Senior Processor at her first company quite quickly. Since that time, she has worked with an array of financial institutions that each offered a plethora of loan programs of all shapes and sizes, all of which came with different titles. These many titles include Mortgage Operations, Senior Loan Processor, a Mortgage Underwriter and most recently, a Processing Manager. Cortney takes great pride in customer satisfaction and the knowledge she has accumulated in the time since she began her career and is always looking forward to face the next challenges in the ever-changing mortgage world.

Tony Wang

Chief Technology Officer

With over 24 years in technology and software development, Mr. Wang brings his expertise in system architecture and design experience to the team. He is one of the chief architect of the .Net banking application development platform deploying multi-tier architecture and integration with the JavaEE based SOA Enterprise On Service(EOS) platform. Mr. Wang is credited for spearheading the development and deployment of numerous large scale enterprise web service applications across many industries in the past fifteen years. Mr. Wang was Vice President and co-founder of Cococommerce, Inc., a .Net banking development platform, now Primeton Systems USA, the world's premier full container SOA application development architecture infrastructure in the financial services transformation space. He has a Bachelors of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from UC Irvine.

Ariu Levi

Chief Information Officer

Mr. Ariu Levi's career spans four decades of senior positions during which he developed a deep expertise in banking, payments operations management, enterprise software development, and sales and marketing. He was involved in the development of the banking wholesale payments systems since the 1970s. Mr. Levi co-founded in 2000, Cococommerce, Inc., a .Net banking development platform, now Primeton Systems USA, the world's premier full container SOA application development architecture infrastructure in the financial services transformation space. He was also President and co-founder of Fundtech, Ltd., a premier wholesale payment software company in the global banking market, which was listed on the NASDAQ exchange prior to being acquired by GTCR a private equity firm in Chicago, who subsequently sold it to D&H of Canada. Mr. Levi's expert knowledge in the U.S. wholesale payment mechanism operated by the FRB began at Bank of America NT&SA, where he led the effort to apply analytics tools to manage the Bank and Holding Company's daily cash position and one-to-fifteen days liquidity position. In this position, he was responsible for the management of the liquidity funding sources and setting bank payment systems and operations policy and procedures. Mr. Levi’s reputation as a passionate stickler to audit controls stems from his early foundational experience as an EDP Auditor at Bank of America Holding Company, where he was a founding member of the Bank EDP Auditing Division in 1975. Originally from Samoa, Mr. Levi is the chief orator for the Malietoa Monarchy in Samoa. He is the founder and chairman of the board for the Pacific Islanders Learning and Support Center, a 501c3 non-profit organization that provides cultural and skills training.